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A Two For One Special Marketing Opportunity
The Same Ad in BDW and in Hot Books Online

Book Dealers World Publishers Preview

You receive a 1/3 page display unit, completely designed by us with your book cover photo, a 70-word description of your book, retail price, wholesale, dropship and sample costs, plus your company name, address and phone number. This ad will appear in the next edition of BOOK DEALERS WORLD, which will be  seen by 5000  or more  prospects each month. 

Buyers From All Over The
United States, Canada and the World
Will See Your Book

The PUBLISHERS PREVIEW section is designed for ease of use. Internet firms and mail order companies can request additional sales information or order directly from you. We even forward any inquiries we receive here at N.A.B.E. to you at no additional charge.

Save Yourself Time and Money!

If you rented e-mail lists of potential prospects it would cost you up to a thousand dollars to reach these top prospects  not to mention all the time and work involved in securing the right lists.  We do everything for you in one easy operation. 2016 marks our 36th year of publishing.

Remember That Even One Contact Made
Through This Offer Could Result In
Thousands of Dollars of Sales
For Your Book!

Hot Books To Promote Feature Page

This Special Web Page will be featured on our Web Site, promoted in quarterly e-mails to bookstores, libraries and a wide variety of Internet Book Buyers, and advertised in our bi-monthly Marketsmart Newsletter.

As a Publisher, here is what you will get:

 1. A 70-word Description of Your Book
 2. A Color Cover Photo of Your Book
 3. A Direct Link to Your Own Web Page
    or Web Site.
 4. One Complete Year on Hot Books

20,000 to 25,000 visitors come to our Web Site each month. 4000 copies of our popular newsletter Marketsmart are e-mailed each issue and more than 1000 e-mails will be sent to book buyers.

Get This Complete Promotion Package
 $275.00 value for just $125.00 as a NABE Member
Non Members: $150.00

Publishers Preview Ad in BDW  plus the Hot Books To Promote Feature on our Website for a Full Year.


NABE Members: $125.00.
Non-Members:  $150.00

All you need to do is sign up with the form below. Write a 70-word description of your book and e-mail a JPEG Photo of your book cover to us. If you do not have one, send a copy of your book or the cover itself and we will make a photo of it for your ad for $10.00 additional. 

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If You Wish To Send Your Order By Mail
Make a Copy of This Form, Fill It Out
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Mail To:
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Hot Book Feature Segments are usually online
within 15 business days
from the time that we receive your order. Publishers Preview Ads will appear in
the next issue of Book Dealers World.



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