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Who Shot Goldilocks?
     How Alan Greenspan did in our Jobs,
     Savings & Retirement Plans
New Updated CD Edition

 Crown Point Press, USA
10300 SW Greenburg Rd, Suite 115
Portland, OR 97223
Retail Price: $18.95

The Goldilocks economy of the 1990's was not too hot, not too cold, just right, one of the most prosperous and productive periods in American history. Then, seemingly without reason, it ground to a halt. Businesses were devastated, and millions of hard working Americans lost their jobs, homes and savings. Now, many more are about to lose their pensions as well. Author William Rutherford shows in easy to understand language,  what actually happened, and who was responsible. Discover the inner workings of the Federal Reserve and its impact on your financial life. A Pinnacle Book Achievement Award Winner.

Is My Skin My Only Sin?
Breaking The Color Barrier

 Don Barnette Publishing,
P.O. Box 16041, Oakland, CA 94610

Retail Price:  $14.95       

It is a story about Human and Civil Rights as it relates to the legendary Harlem Globetrotter, Don Barnette, and the cost to him as an individual. This must read autobiography tells it like it was and is filled with heart, humor and clarity. Discover the personal incidents of adversity and disappointment, and find out how Don triumphed in the end over all of them. Steve Snyder, Executive Asst. to the President and Secretary to the Board of Trustees of Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, has said, "We have a generation of young people, of all colors and backgrounds, who should learn about Don and view him as a role model." Takes a bite out of Jim Crow. Morrie Turner, Cartoonist, has said, "It is a book about Black History."  Order your copy today!   

The Salesmind
Winning The New Sales Gam

Doug Trenary's Fast-Track Inc.,

1870 The Exchange Suite 100, 

Atlanta, GA 30339, 404-262-3339
Retail Price: $16.95

This fresh look at the new positioning game of sales will knock your socks off with inspiring, practical and proven strategies of today's real selling masters. Doug Trenary, a high-powered corporate trainer since 1985, devoted eight years to brilliantly capturing a 12-point profile of power that will take you way beyond outdated sales strategies to the new world of leveraging yourself, buyers and time. Winner of the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award in the category of Business, it brings you all the secrets of smarter selling made simple. Discover the proven system that has produced millions of new sales dollars.

Fritz Von Erich:
Master of the Iron Claw
Ron Mullinax, 507 Wood Street, Athens, TX 75751 
 Phone: 903-372-2336, Fax: 903-675-7678
Retail Price: $18.95

This is the exciting true story about the life and times of Jack Adkisson, aka Fritz Von Erich, and the famous Von Erich wrestling dynasty. Not since the Kennedy's of Massachusetts has an American family publicly suffered personal tragedy after personal tragedy like the Von Erich's of Denton County, Texas. Discover how the Von Erichs impacted the wrestling world with their family's show, World Class Champiuonship Wrestling, which at one time was syndicated in 66 U.S. television markets, and seen in Japan, Argentina and the Middle East. Written from a first hand account by friend Ron Mullinax, who promised Fritz that he would tell his amazing story to the world.    A Pinnacle Book Achievement Award Winner.

One in a Hundred Million
This Guy has More Lives Than a Cat!
Marion Urichich
P.O. Box 6789
Youngstown, OH 44501
Retail Price:  $17.95

To say author Marion Urichich has had an amazing life would be an understatement. In his no holds-barred autobiography, he describes things like being electrocuted by 240 volts and living to tell about it, how he shot par the first time he ever played golf, how he received the wrong serum for a stingray wound while trying to save two fellow marines from drowning, and much much more. It is a story like no other, full of tragedy, triumph, adversity, love, happiness and success. Packed with digitally-enhanced photographs, you will get a glimpse of a truly fantastic man who always choose to help others, and had the right stuff when it counted.  A Pinnacle Book Achievement Award Winner.

   Great Gobs of Goose Grease
An Account of a Stroke Happening and the
Trial & Struggles to Come Back

Connie Smith
  779 East 9400 South, #123
Sandy, UT 84094
Phone: 801-733-7120
Retail Price: $9.95

What happens when you have a stroke? Connie Smith details her experiences in this first person account that is sure to make you sit up and take notice. The stroke hit Connie out of the blue. On her way to recovery, she kept a journal that she shares with her readers. Discover how Connie fought her way back to wellness with the help of her family, friends and physical therapists.  Learn all about her stroke and the reasons she wrote this informative book.


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