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Ways to Monetize and Market Your Book
by Bernard Kelvin Clive    

If you are a writer or an author and need some creative ideas to help market your book. Here are some creative ways I have come up with to help you.

Simple Ways to Monetize and Market Your Book

1. Produce an audio version of your book.

2. Use some contents of your book as a weekly podcast, either paid for or free.

3. Organize seminars and workshop on the subject of your book. This could be a great source to generate income.

4. Have a book series instead of one big book. Typical example is the "Chicken Soup for the Soul" Series by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen, You should create an audio book series as well.

5. Consider video tutorials of your book, especially if it is a 'how-to book'. You may also just want to have video clips of you talking about some characters or subjects of your book. Note: videos can go viral. Try it.

6. Organize webinars on the subject of your book. (Produce a course content from your book)

7. Do one-on-one sale; make it a goal to sell a book a day to people you meet in your daily commute.

8. Offer paid subscriptions services from your website to some content of your book where you give detail information.

9. Be a coach/ consultant, offer to coach people in your area of expertise. Do consultancy services in your niche area. You must master your craft in this.

Book Marketing Ideas

10. Register at, and and create an author page. Write a great profile to market yourself and your books.

11. Create a video trailer. Take snapshot of your book pages and covers and do a voice over. Do a virtual book tour. Use your web cam. Try Google hangout, video conferencing online.

12. Create Facebook fan page for your book or use your authors fan page to engage your audience. And also learn how to use, to pin.

13. Create an affiliate program with your e-book using or

14. Reward your fans on all the social sites, who actively engage with you.

15. Ask questions and ask your followers to refer your work and recommend your book.

16. Create a website for your book or personal site and ensue that site is highly optimized for search. Make it mobile friendly.

17. Learn to use twitter and twitter author hashtags eg #freeebook, #Mustread, #BookGiveway. Use Whatsapp mobile app and Saya Mobile (Innovative Mobile messaging app from Ghana, a powerful way to communicate and connect with your audience)

18. Do guest blogging on other blog sites and leave comments for other bloggers you follow.

19. Hangout with fans at a local bar. Organize drink ups and share ideas with them.

20. Offer to advertise on your sites for free and paid services.

21. Give away free copies of your book online and leave copies anonymously at social places and write a note inside. You can also carry copies of your book to give away free occasionally [for reasons for which they deserve the free book].

22. Brand souvenirs of your book title. And sell them. Example, Pens, t-shirts, stickers

23. Read your own book at public places e.g. in a queue, at a bank, places where people can see you, and engage people on the subject of your book.

24. Send emails to your friends telling them about your book, during the writing and publishing stages.

25. Ask readers to recommend you for speaking engagements and reward those who do. Also offer to MC at events for free.

26. Get a Call card design with the cover page of your book and title. Create stickers using your book cover and give them out for free.

27. Place ads in your newspapers, for both targeted and un-targeted audience. Try Facebook, LinkedIn, goodreads and Google ads.

With all this marketing tools and techniques, don't forget to always try new methods to keep your book in front of your audience.

Bernard Kelvin Clive is an Author and Motivational Speaker in Ghana, a young man full of creative ideas and an optimist who loves to inspire and encourage others to achieve their God-given dreams. "Inspiring & empowering souls a text at a time" For more information on his promotion and marketing services, visit on the web at

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