Don Arends
“Grandpa Grouper”
"Saving Bonehead"

Don Arends has just released the second volume in a series of colorful award-winning children’s books that have been popular from coast to coast. His latest volume titled, “Saving Bonehead” looks like it is going to be another winner. Beautifully illustrated, it tells the story of a wild hammerhead shark, nicknamed Bonehead because he was always getting into trouble. One hurricane night, curiosity led him to getting hit on the head by a giant oil tanker. He sank unconscious into the coral kingdom. Grandpa Grouper and his friends teamed to save Bonehead with an emergency call for Doctor Clark Octopus.

Don Arends was first motivated to write children’s books when he was about 5 years old and lived in a farm in Iowa with no electricity, just kerosene lamps and candlelight. His primary entertainment was a crystal radio. “My grand-mother literally raised me and used to tell me all kinds of stories,” said Don. “As a little girl, she remembered seeing Abraham Lincoln. He got out of his wagon and talked to the people during his presidential campaign. She told about hoop snakes that would grab their tails making a wheel and chasing bad children.” 

Growing up, Don Arends experienced both farm and city life. He left home to serve as a Navy Seabee swimming instructor and boxing coach at the end of World War II. As a teenager,  he was involved in all kinds of sports including football, track and swimming.

Don graduated in technical journalism from Iowa State . As a campus activities leader, he was selected by General Electric Co. Advertising, Public Relations and Sales Promotion to take part in their their renowned three year training course. In 1958, he founded his own business-to-business advertising agency and still serves as its Chairman in Oak Brook, Illinois.

Don has led a diversified and interesting life. He is a business and sports world traveler, pilot, travel agency founder, golf enthusiast, bank director,  has logged over 1000 hours doing volunteer work for the Palm Springs World War II Air Museum,and has served on hospital, golf club and bank boards. He is currently working with    World War II veterans at the museum to preserve their personal stories about the war in an upcoming new book.

Don has an equally extensive writing background. He has written Railroad History books, 100th anniversary books on companies and golf clubs, museum newsletter articles on World War II planes and people, feature story reporting and he has spoken on topics ranging from his scuba diving experiences to international advertising at the IAA World Congress Meetings in Japan, Argentina, South Africa and the UK. His publishing company, Mission Manuscripts, Inc., is dedicated to documenting the personal histories of World War II veterans, their missions, planes and pride in America.

Don has ten grandchildren of his own, and through a second marriage, acquired ten more. One of the joys of his life now is reading to his grandchildren some of their favorite children’s books.  And now, developing a new line of unique children’s books, not only for his own grandchildren, but for all the children everywhere. His first book in the series “Grandpa Grouper: The Fish with Glasses.”  won a Pinnacle Book Achievement Award.

Anne Butler, a Preschool Teacher, had this to say about “Grandpa Grouper,” “Our children were absolutely delighted by the story of Grandpa Grouper and his friends. Our curriculum is based on the children using exploration, discovery and problem solving to create meaningful and fun learning experiences. This marvelous book provides all of that, and much more.”

NABE readers can order  sample copies of “Saving Bonehead” and “Grandpa Grouper;” for just $12.00 each from  Mission Manuscripts, Inc., 1000 Jorie Blvd. Suite 206, Oak Brook, IL 60523. They make great birthday or holiday gifts.  Please write for wholesale quantity information. Makes a perfect fund raiser for groups. For more details, please visit on the web at