Everett M. Christensen
“60-40 or Fight: How To
Get Along With Someone
Besides Yourself"

Author and successful businessman, Everett M. Christensen believes contribution is the key to happiness. It is what everyone is actually seeking, but many seem not to know it.

“Every contribution, and almost every activity, involves relationships. I know how important relationships are and how effective and rewarding they can be.” says Everett.

A millionaire who has never had a financial goal and, at age 74, takes no prescribed medication. With a positive attitude and a can-do spirit, Everett became President of the local telephone company in Madelia, Minnesota. The next year he built Cable TV in the community and later purchased the telephone company, a local movie theater that had been closed, and the local newspaper before it left town. He has since sold the Cable TV Company and the newspaper but continues as CEO of Christensen Communications Company, which provides state of the art services in telecommunications, locally and in an ever expanding surrounding area,

In Everett’s new book, a Pinnacle Book Achievement Award Winner, “60-40 or Fight,” he shares his decades of experience analyzing, evaluating and developing interpersonal relations. He has an M.A. In psychology, along with years of experience as a management consultant, personnel specialist, college recruiter, university professor, human resources director, senior vice president in banking, and of course, a business owner.

The premise of the title “60-40 or Fight”  is that every relationship is a two person relationship and each person must accept 60% of the responsibility for making the relationship work; expecting the other person to accept less than half but more than none.

When each person accepts more than half the responsibility for making the relationship work, the overlap in flexibility will provide a comFort Zone within which to build the relationship. If each person is willing to accept only half of the responsibility, then, because no one knows exactly where half is, each is likely to accept less than half and the lack of the flexible overlap will instead result in a comBat Zone.

The book contains 25 Christensen Postulates including:

The greatest reward for doing something worthwhile is the opportunity to do more.

Everyone can do something, but no one can do everything.

In productive relationships, either everyone wins, or no one does.

When we have a problem, we should look for a solution, not for someone to blame.

Everett covers a wealth of fascinating topics in his easy to read enjoyable book including motivation, the environment, communication, stress, time and more and he does so in a unique way that readers will respond to. His company slogan is “Where Service Is Our Most Important Product.” And he continues this service with a book that is much needed in these difficult economic times.

“60-40 or Fight” retails for $14.95 and you can get a copy from Dill Street Press, 104 West Main Street, Madelia, MN 56062 or by calling 866-372–8853. Also check out Everett’s web site at http://www.dillstreetpress.com for more information. Dealers write for quantity prices.