Brian J. Donley
“The Original Psychology
Of Success

Brian J. Donley, like many of us in life, has experienced his share of challenges. He explains two of them that really impacted his life:

“Just a fraction of a second before a head on collision with a truck three times the size of my vehicle, I said, ‘Oh, my God!’  I had survived. It was a wake-up call.”

“Three weeks after the accident, while vacationing in Louisiana, my wife of 12 wonderful years, Denise, was called to heaven in her sleep. She was 36 years old and had been epileptic since she was two. No one is ever prepared for such a loss.”

After many weeks of healing, Brian felt ready to continue his life and wanted to build a new vision of happiness. After marrying his new wife, Darla and being blessed with  two children, Joshua and Dakota, joy returned to Brian’s life.

Later, when Brian faced health challenges of his own, he educated himself on the benefits of nutrition which led to a new business helping others experience health and happiness through quality nutritional products.

Brian chose to view each experience as a lesson instead of being filled with despair. He surrounded himself with like-minded, motivated, energized individuals who were using their skills and ability to make a better world.

“One of the gifts I gave myself was to ask a lot of questions and receive the answers I was seeking. One of my favorite questions was ‘What are the three top things you feel people would benefit from doing if they really truly deserve to create the life of their dreams?’ I have never received the same answer twice, but let me share with you the three top things I encourage people to do to create the life of their dreams.”

“1. Open your mind and listen to what comes in and learn. 2. See what it is your mind is telling you and apply it. 3. Teach others and move forward expanding your consciousness. The three steps to empowerment are Learn, Apply and Teach!”

Brian explains how he re-published “The Original Psychology of Success.” An old copy was in a trash pile when he came across it. The pages were yellow and had an odor. What caught his eye were words like greatness, genius and grace. They were  powerful   words   that   called Brian to read the whole book. Once he did, he discovered the message of abundance, health and happiness that he felt was his purpose to share.

Brian added his own commentaries and expanded ideas, and soon “The Original Psychology of Success” was reborn in a fresh new edition that thousands of new readers would be able to take advantage of. Even before he went to press, Brian had 700 orders for the new book. Mayte Picco-Kline, author of “Wholeness in Living,” said of the book, “Seeing the goodness and divinity in every soul, Brian invites the reader to explore the secrets to open opportunities for successful living. His book acknowledges the value of individuality, respect for self and others, and positive   thinking   as  meaningful
elements in the search for greatness.”

LaNita J. Wolfe, Reviewer said “This is a very easy to read, can’t put down real book that talks to all people about successful values.  I  am  ordering  this  for   my family, friends, and business associates.”

Steve Nakamoto, author of “Men Are Like Fish,” said “Mr. Donley’s  modern day application to the original text creates a body of work that has tremendous relevance to anyone who is serious about improving their lives and fulfilling their deepest dreams.”

You can order your copy of “The Original Psychology of Success” at Brian’s very informative website, Also, dealer and wholesale inquiries are invited. See page 11 for more info on this great book and how to order by mail or phone.