Roger Hall
“How Do You Pet

A Porcupine?”

Roger Hall is the founding partner of Porcupine Communications. He has spent 30 plus years in executive marketing, both domestic and international. A proven planner and strategist, he consistently leads organizations to substantial growth and profitability.

Roger has directed all phases of new business development, representing some $1.2 billion in annual sales for the former Bellcore Labs in New Jersey. He has created staff shows, launched worldwide products and created trade shows through Europe for the German firm Siemens. He created packaging and POP display material and launched an entire product line for Rubbermaid in Ohio. He also managed the total integration of internal and external communications to create a new culture for Ericcson of Sweden.

Now Roger shares his hard-earned insight on the tough challenge of company communications in his easy to read new book, “How Do You Pet a Porcupine?”

“Make no mistake,” Roger says, “without effective internal communication, all other efforts in planning, marketing and sales will prove inefficient and counterproductive. Companies with ineffectual internal communications will not survive.”

“How Do You Pet A Porcupine?” is a light hearted yet pointed look at a subject that affects any company’s performance and its employee’s attitudes.

“Part of being sensitive to others also means being bold,” Roger says, “Reconnect with colleagues and customers. Solicit feedback from others. The ancient Egyptians had a saying, Hear like a porcupine, meaning that you need a highly acute sense of hearing. Really hear what people want and then deliver. Don’t just wait for management to mandate something. Instead, take the initiative to start something on your own. When you do, others will take notice and will appreciate your actions.”

The porcupine balls up when threatened and so do employees who feel a lack of support. They also have a tendency to shoot quills at anyone who asks them to change their work patterns.

“How Do You Pet a Porcupine” is packed with delightful color illustrations, porcupine factoids, and Roger’s easy to implement Seven Point Plan.

Point 1. Realize that everyone sees the world through their own set of glasses.

Point 2. Extract the barbs before they become embedded and poison the entire company.

Point 3. Tell the truth.

Point 4. Build trust with face time.
Point 5. Encourage others to reveal their true talents and reveal yours.

Point 6. Take a risk and follow your heart.

Point 7. How do you pet a porcupine? Treat him like a human.

Terry Brock, professional speaker and syndicated columnist has said, “Roger Hall is a man you should read! This story about porcupines and the principles we can learn from them is something that everyone should know. The business applications are enormous and Roger tells it in a compelling, fun sit by the fire and let me tell you a story style. It is enchanting and powerful.”

“How Do You Pet a Porcupine” is one of the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award Winners in the category of Business for 2007. It is a book that every company, both small and large, should own.

For more details and ordering information, contact Porcupine Communications, PO Box 2338, Cranberry Township, PA 16066, or call toll free 1-866-972-0690. You can visit Roger’s informative  web site at Roger Hall also makes professional presentations, seminars and workshops on communication.