Joan Shih


For over 30 years, Joan Shih has introduced thousands of people to the delightful flavors and centuries old secrets of authentic Chinese cooking. As owner and director of “The Chinese Cookery, Inc.,” founded in 1975,  her students have come from all four corners of the globe to learn Joan’s flavorful, healthy recipes. Now, thanks to her awarding winning new book, “The Art of The Chinese Cookery,” she is ready to spread her knowledge to hundreds of thousands more.


The subtitle of Joan’s new book is “Authentic and Healthful Recipes From My Cooking School”. The book follows the eight levels of cuisine offered at the cooking school: Basic, Advanced, Gourmet I, II, III, Szechuan, Hunan, and Vegetarian.  Quality color photographs are included showing recipe presentation, instruction on various techniques, description of ingredients, nutritional analysis for each recipe, and menu planning for different occasions from daily meals to festive banquets.


Joan Shih came to this country on a college scholarship, pursuing chemistry. When her daughters were young, she returned to her native land, Taiwan to study cooking professionally. Her early classes were very popular. “People like the style I teach,” she says. Because of Joan’s chemistry background, the recipes are more precise . She learned about the medicinal benefits of foods from her father, a modern-trained physician. “Chinese cooking is art and science,” Joan declares.


Unlike most cookbooks, “The Art of Chinese Cookery” is organized much like Joan’s classes, into eight levels, from beginning to gourmet, Szechuan, Hunan and vegetarian cuisine. A book jacket blurb from friend and PBS cooking guru Martin Yan reads, “Joan’s enthusiasm for food is contagious. She loves to cook, to teach, and most of all to share.”


When the Peking Opera, the first artistic company from China to perform in the United States, came to The Kennedy Center in 1980, Ms. Shih’s Cooking School was asked to cater the company’s meals for 75 members during the entire two weeks. An article titled, “The Acrobats of the Kitchen” covering the successful engagement appeared on the front page of the Food Section of the Washington Post. In 1995, Ms. Shih and her students were among the nation’s top cooking professionals asked by the First Lady of the United States to make edible ornaments for the White House Christmas tree.


Joan Shih received a gold medal and was named Woman of the Year in 2000 by International Who’s Who of Professional and Businesswomen in Food Service for outstanding community service and food achievement.


“The Art of Chinese Cookery” has received praise in dozens of publications including The Baltimore Sun, The Washington Post,  Reading Eagle Times and the Midwest Book Review.  Joan has appeared on many local, network and cable television shows.


Western cooks often find Asian cooking  intimidating. But, with “The Art of Chinese Cookery” by your side, you will be able to unlock the mysteries of the Orient, and in no time, you will be preparing marvelous, healthy meals your family will love. Besides the menu-planning section, the book includes a host of sample menus, and an index where you can look up recipes and information by ingredient, technique, and more. Nothing is left out.


To order the beautiful hardcover edition of “The Art of The Chinese Cookery,” send $26.95 to The Chinese Cookery, 14209 Sturtevant Rd, Silver Spring, MD 20905, or phone 301-236-5311. Write for wholesale details or get more information on the web at