Maureen Stearns, MS
Conscious Courage

The Random House Dictionary defines courage as “the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc. with a firmness and without fear.

Maureen Stearns, MS, author of “Conscious Courage. Turning Everyday Challenges Into Opportunities,” defines courage as “A deliberate decision to act or think or be, regardless of our emotions and halting thoughts, an actual force that is felt from within that enables us to say “yes!” to what we want and “no” to what we do not want. Courage is knowing that all our courageous acts will end up blossoming into something much more significant.”

Maureen earned a Bachelor Degree in Education from the University of South Florida in St. Petersburg in 1992. In the late 1990’s she worked toward a Master’s Degree in Community Psychology at Springfield College in Tampa, Florida. During her coursework, Maureen chose courage as her topic for an “I Project.” The goal of this project was to pull something out of one’s self that had deep meaning and to develop it in some way. This project on courage was the genesis of her  book, “Conscious Courage,” the first in a series. Maureen received her Master’s Degree in 2000.

“Conscious Courage” appeals to a wide variety of readers including teens, victims of racism, the physically handicapped, and anyone interested in improving the quality of their lives.

When we think of courage, we often envision superheroes performing superhuman feats, but few people in daily life get the opportunity to accomplish such “larger than life” acts.

Here are some examples of everyday courage:

Standing in a room of people and voicing a contrary opinion with a conviction.

Not allowing someone’s negative opinion to stop you in your tracks.

Ending a stressful relationship with someone that is causing you discomfort and unhappiness.

Overcoming tragic events and moving forward in a healthy way.

Being courageous simply means motivating yourself in a positive way when faced with adversity. Opportunities for courage exist every day when we listen for their whispering presence. Discover the magic that happens when you go beyond your normal range of comfort by thinking and acting courageously.

“Conscious Courage,” the winner of a Royal Palm Literary Award, presents the choices in an easy-to-digest, easy-to-put-into practice format. Each two page spread begins with a brief quote, and then on the facing page, an empowering direction such as “Assert yourself in an unpleasant situation, even if you feel uncomfortable or inferior.” This is followed with a few paragraphs of exploration. Bracketing these meditations are sections on how to use the book, exercises involving courage symbols and “I-Statements,” plus an inspirational call to embrace the ultimate “Yes.”

Midwest Book Review calls Conscious Courage “an upbeat guide to adopting a positive attitude, building inner resolve and focusing the will to make one’s dreams a reality.”

Reviewer Richard R. Blake says, “Stearns, faced with a personal crisis, found the inner resolve to turn this conflict into opportunity. She presents an approach for turning your personal challenges into stepping stones for finding fulfillment and a winning way of life.”

Reviewer Lois Moffett says, “the book is beautifully put together and gets right to the point without any of the extras that leave you wondering what she was trying to say.”

To get your copy of “Conscious Courage. Turning Everyday Challenges Into Opportunities,” send $13.95 to Enrichment Books, 9848 Pine Lake Trail, St. Petersburg, FL 33708. You can also order online and get additional  information at Dealer and wholesale inquiries are invited. Stearns also offers her book as an organizational fundraising tool. If you are Fundraising Committee member, please contact the publisher at 727-397-8065.