Darlene West


It all started in 2001 when Darlene West went to her doctor for her annual physical. Although she weighed nearly 300 pounds and had high blood pressure, Darlene was rarely, if ever, sick. She felt good and had a positive outlook on life. Then, out of the blue, Darlene’s life took a turn for the worse. The results were back from her blood test. Her doctor told her she had Type II diabetes. “I assumed my life was over,” Darlene said, remembering that her mother had to give herself insulin shots for life.


“The horror and disbelief I had experienced when diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, with a level of 258, had given me the wake-up call I had needed. I saw a future with my health progressively deteriorating with the many complications of diabetes and did not like that picture. I had mistreated and overworked my system with unhealthy eating habits and lack of exercise for years. My choices were to continue with my current lifestyle and learn to live with my diabetes or help my body heal itself. I chose to fight for my body’s health.”


“Looking back, I realized it was the best thing that could have happened to me! It gave me the motivation and determination to turn my life around and make the lifestyle changes needed to reach my goal.”


In the past Darlene had been on every diet you could imagine. The results did not last. So she decided to read and study as much as she could about how the body processes, uses and stores food. Darlene formulated a healthy eating plan that did not leave her starving. When Darlene went for her first 20 minute walk, she was a nervous wreck. “My balance was poor because of my weight,” she explains. She left the house carrying ID and medical cards, nearly certain she would fall and require help. Her husband and sons trailed after her. “How far are you going?”  “Please take the cell phone.”


Darlene’s experience is the foundation of her inspirational new book, “How Losing 150 Pounds Changed My Life.”  In it, she offers practical menu and exercise ideas while talking honestly one-to-one with readers about the emotional stumbling blocks and the challenges and joys of presenting a “new self” to the workplace and the world.


I am proof that a person is never too old to change their life around. Regardless of how much weight loss is desired, what physical condition you are in, or how old you are, it can be accomplished. All it takes is concentrating on only one moment at a time, one day at a time, not allowing yourself to become overwhelmed by what might happen tomorrow. One day it can be you who realizes you have successfully achieved your goal!”


Here’s what Al Galasso, editor of Book Dealers World, has said, “Darlene West’s easy to follow new book, “How Losing 150 Pounds Changed My Life” inspired me to lose my own extra 25 pounds that I have been carrying around for some time. Following Darlene’s advice and eating tips, I already lost 7 pounds in my first week and I feel great. If I can do it,  anyone can!”


Find out all about Darlene’s five part health program without any gimmicks that includes exercise and a nutritional diet. Now in her late forties, West is living the life she always wanted at the size she had been nearly thirty years earlier. You can too when you read, “How Losing 150 Pounds Changed My Life.” Order a copy for $17.99 from Darlene West, PO Box 3958, Portland, OR 97208 or get more information  on Darlene’s informative web site at http://www.diabetescureweightloss.com Turn your life around and learn how to live the healthy life you always deserved.