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1. Fill out the Online Showcase Order Form below. It is used to prepare copy for the Showcase Catalog that is given out free to buyers at each show. If you have a Web Site, please list it below and it will appear under your catalog listing.

2. For each Showcase that you participate in:
Send one copy of your book plus 25 flyers or postcards. (We need a fresh book for each exhibit.)  Flyers or postcards are given out only to interested buyers, not to all those who pass by. The Showcase Catalog with your information in it is passed out to all the buyers who visit our booth. If your book is not back from the printer yet, you can ship it to us later, but please sign up as soon as possible because of limited exhibit space. Flyers or postcards can also be sent at a later date. If you would like to see sample flyers to help you design your own, please check the box below on the order form and we will send them to you as a PDF file by e-mail.

3. You can also send a Poster of Your Book if you wish and we will hang it up in the exhibit as space permits. (Most posters are 8" x 10" or 11"x17"  Maximum size should not exceed 26" x 26".)

4. Send this order to us online to guarantee your spot with your Visa, Mastercard, or through Pay Pal. Then, follow the above procedure for sending your books and materials to us. We will email a confirmation to you.

5. If you prefer you can send your order to us with a check by mail or credit card information by mail. Please use our NABE Book Showcase Offline Order Form

NABE Book Showcase
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N.A.B.E. Members

One Book in 1 Showcase:

One Book in 2 Showcases:

One Book in 3 Showcases:

1 Book in All 4 Showcases:
Only $330.00

Additional titles in any showcase:
Only $80.00 each for NABE Members,
or $70.00 ea. show for all four shows.

$175.00 Per Book or Product Per Show For Non-Members

 Place Your Book in the Special Hot Books Spotlight Section
at the California Book Trade Show exhibit. 
Additional $50.00 for this service.

Place Your Book in the Special Hot Books Spotlight Section
at the California LIb. Assn. Show
Additional $50.00 for this service.

 Save $20.00! Place Your Book in the Special Hot Books Spotlight Section
  in the Two Above Exhibits. 
Additional $80.00 for this service.

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 Join NABE $90.00     I am already a NABE Member                                                             

  Place One Book in One Showcase Exhibit   $98.00

  Place One Book in Two Showcase Exhibits  $185.00

  Place One Book in Three Showcase Exhibits  $255.00

Place One Book in Four Showcase Exhibits  $330.00

  Place Book in Hot Books Section 1 show: $50.00

   Place Book in Hot Books Section 2 shows: $80.00

   No of Additional Books in Shows      $80.00 each show 

 Place non-member book(s) in exhibit     $175.00 each book.



I am ordering  3 or more Showcase Exhibits.
Send me Al Galasso's
Secrets of Successful Publishers"
in an audio file by e-mail.

  Send me information about NABE's Book Flyer
Design Service for members and a sample flyer
in a PDF file by e-mail.

Any Questions? Can't decide which shows you should place your book in?
Give us a call at 541-942-7455 and leave a message. We will get right
back to you. You can also order by phone on this line. Or, if you prefer,
send us an e-mail with any questions at


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