Target Your Book or Product To Thousands of Bookstores, Mail Order Firms, Libraries, Internet Customers, And Avid Book Buyers at the 
NABE Combined Book Trade 
Showcase Exhibits 
Save 90% of the Trade Show Costs
Attractive Face-Out Book or Product Display
Professional Sales Staff in Attendance
Follow-Up Leads Mailed To You


The Personal Touch in Combined Book Trade Show Exhibits

Only a Limited Number of Titles Are Shown
We Take The Time To Know You and Your Book
A Friendly and Warm Experience for Buyers & Sellers Alike
Free Prize Drawing and Gifts for Prospects
Your Flyers, Postcards and Bookmarks Given to
Interested Prospects

32 Years of Book Trade Show Exhibit Experience
Hundreds of Successful Trade Shows

Here's your opportunity to give your book, audio/video tape or other product exposure to the book market, library field, mail order arena, professional educators and gift shops at a cost you can afford. The average trade show booth now rents for $1800 and up. That doesn't include tables, carpeting, lighting, union labor, drayage service, book racks, airfare, shipping, car expenses, meals, hotel bills, etc. You could spend more than $3500 on just one exhibit alone. By becoming a part of the N.A.B.E. Book Showcase Exhibits, you can have your books on display for less than 10% of what it would cost to exhibit your books yourself.

Our N.A.B.E. BOOK SHOWCASE EXHIBITS are different from any  exhibiting service. Your book is displayed face-out within its'own special category, such as Health, Cooking, Children's Interest, etc. Only 50 to 100 books are displayed in each show so your book is not buried amidst thousands of titles. Then, a professional sales staff, full of enthusiasm and warmth, who also speak Spanish and French, greet potential buyers. We take time to get to know you and your book. Personal attention and relationship-building are the cornerstones of our success formula.

Our N.A.B.E. BOOK SHOWCASE EXHIBITS are bright, well-decorated, and colorful. We offer Prize Drawings, Free Gifts, Bookmarks and more to increase booth traffic. A few years ago, a publisher who had placed her book in 3 different combined exhibits in the same show, told us that after visiting the other two places, she couldn't believe all the buyers and the activity that was taking place at the NABE Booth. Authors are encouraged to make an appearance at shows if they wish. At most exhibits, publishers are given free passes to attend. Even if you cannot attend, your book will be in good hands. This is our 32nd successful year of showcasing books..experience you can count on!

Place Your Book In One or More of 

Our Upcoming Exhibits

California Library Assn. Show
Santa Clara, California
November  7-11, 2018

Showcase your books, audios, videos and more in one of the largest library market shows of the year. You can sell direct to libraries and pocket more profits. Or, you can help your distributor sell more books with  this exposure to librarians from all over the Golden State.

Special Hot Books Spotlight Section Available In This Exhibit
For An Additional Fee. See Details Below.

Oregon Library Assn. & Washington Library Assn.  
Joint Conference and Trade Show
Vancouver, Washington

April 17th-19th, 2019

Display your book in this show and get two shows for the price of one. Reach public, county. city and academic libraries from all over Oregon and Washington. Expose your book not only to librarians but to hundreds of potential buyers who will see your book for the first time and then wish to purchase it for themselves or as a gift.  Many libraries do not just lend books, they sell books as well.They are one of the biggest untapped sources of ongoing revenue for authors. This show only takes place once every five years and it has a good turnout each time.

Pacific NW Booksellers Show 
Portland, Oregon
  October 6th-8th, 2019

Reach thousands of book stores, book distributors, wholesalers, libraries, young adult bookstores, and a wide range of book buyers from all over Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Northern California. Many of these booksellers are seeking independently published titles on a variety of different topics including children's books, fiction, non-fiction, how-to, self-help  and much more.This show gets bigger every year.

California Book Trade Show 
Oakland, California
October 2019

This energetic book show draws booksellers from areas with the highest per-capita book sales in the country. Bookstore owners, large chain stores, major book distributors, and more will be attending from all over California,  and Nevada as well.  These stores are looking for new titles and authors and will help promote your title to their buyers. Make certain your book is displayed to this great audience!

Special Hot Books Spotlight Section Available In This Exhibit
For An Additional Fee. See Details Below.

Here's What You Receive
When You Participate in the


  • YOUR BOOK or PRODUCT will be displayed face-out in its own special category section with a professional Tri-Lingual (Spanish, French & English) sales staff attending. We talk to everyone!
  • YOUR BOOK or PRODUCT will be featured in our NABE BOOK SHOWCASE CATALOG, which will be passed out free to buyers at each show.  If you have a web site, it will also be listed here.
  • 25 of YOUR BOOK PROMOTION FLYERS will be placed beside your book. When a buyer expresses interest in your title, a flyer will be handed out. If additional flyers are needed, they will be xeroxed at the show.  We also provide a special NABE Book Flyer Design Service for our members. Be sure to request information about it with your order.
  • Once you sign up, you'll receive the Free Report: How to Get The Max From A Show. It gives you tips on how to design order-pulling flyers, best follow-up methods and much more.
  • A SPECIAL PARTICIPANT PACKAGE will be e-mailed to you, approximately 2 weeks after the Showcase, containing the list of buyers that we met at the show for follow up. The list will be sent both in Adobe Acrobat PDF Format as well as in CSV Ascii Text so the names can be imported into any database. Plus, a Report on the Show itself. (You may also receive the list and report by regular mail if you wish instead of electronically.)

Ingrid Crawford and Al Galasso

Publishers and Authors  are not required to come to
any of the Trade Shows unless they would like to.

Below is a short 1 minute video featuring NABE Members
who have visited us at the some of our shows so that
you can see what our exhibits look like. 

Here's What Some of Our  Past Exhibitors
Have Said About Our Trade Show Service:

"In the publishing world of sharks, you are the plankton whale that never has me for lunch, but befriends me, the little sardine! You have been stellar when it comes to service, answering my emails promptly and helping me to understand what you need on my end for the book shows. After the shows, you gave me a wonderful list of book store and library contacts. I'm impressed with your integrity, something that is hard to find in business these days."     C.L. Sherman, author of the "Ocean Depths" award winning series of books.

"Love the video about my new historical series. Al Galasso and NABE have been with me all the way on my self-publishing journey. I couldn't have done it without his guidance and support. He has helped both my son, author Michael Phillip Cash and I get our brand known in books stores and libraries all over the states."             Carole P. Roman, Publisher

"Thanks for putting me in touch with the distributor you spoke with at the show. We have a deal to put copies of the novels in two Portland Costco Warehouse stores, and in the Eugene Costco. I'll do a book signing in all three stores. If that goes well, and I'm confident that it will, there is a great opportunity to expand into other Costco stores, Wal-Mart and the big box book stores. It looks like the book show exposure paid off."    Rod Collins, Publisher

"Deena and I have been truly blessed meeting you and Ingrid. You have given us great tips and helped us out in this crazy book marketing world. Thank you from the bottom our hearts for all you have done. We look forward to continue our business relationship with you."  
                                                                                             Cherie McIntosh and Deena Cook

"We wanted to let you know that as a result of our follow-up contact on leads received from the PLA Conference display in Portland, our book is being added to the shelves of three out-of-state public libraries--in Minnesota, Washington, and Idaho. And we expect more public library requests for our book to follow.   We'll be signing up for some of the other NABE showcases happening later in the year."                Bob Mayo, author, "Tamara's Child"

"Thanks for your help promoting my Natural Health books in your NABE Showcase Exhibits.  I believe I owe much of my success to your efforts."     John Sherman, Ph.D.  New Found Therapies Publications

"You and Ingrid did a superb NABE job at the California Library Association Trade Show.  We appreciated how well you displayed "Grandpa Grouper, The Fish With Glasses' and steered childrens book buyers to us.  Thank you.Grandpa Grouper sold out!  It pays to join NABE and I highly recommend participating in your trade show program."    
                                                                                     Don Arends, Mission Manuscripts, Inc.

" I consider Al Galasso the most important friend I have in the publishing field.  People at the book conventions swarm to  his booths.  They like him.  Al is warm, personable,and takes as much time as a customer wants, to discuss any of the books and authors he represents.    He delivers over 100%."                                                      Jim Wortham, Marathon Int.

"Thank you for the excellent show report and names. Of all the shows I have participated in, you have been the only one providing exhibitors with such a superb input. You can count on me for all future shows."                Emilia Klapp, RD, BS, Preventive Nutrition Press                   

"I have been a member of NABE for many years. Al Galasso, the CEO, is a fine,  knowledgeable man. My books are generally exhibited at their booth at  BEA and other shows. Have had reviews in their quarterly magazine, Book Dealers World. Al offers many services beneficial to self-publishing offered at reasonable  prices or, in some cases, free. Highly recommend."                                              
John Harricharan, New World Publishing

"Your company and staff were indeed the light at the end of the tunnel in my book marketing efforts. Your positive attitudes, kind and honest opinions, advice, sincerity and motivational skills helped increase my sales for my book right after the trade show. So many wonderful things have happened since becoming a member and taking part in the Showcase Exhibits. I am telling everyone I know about your services."   Jeanne Paiva, JP Publishers

"Al, thanks for the leads from the last trade show. The first five I contacted remembered my book and also taking the flyer you handed out.  Four out of five already ordered for their libraries.  You did a great job representing my book.  I am very pleased with your service."  
                                                                                         Joan Shih, The Chinese Cookery

"I am extremely grateful to you for all your help in my getting Touched by the Extraordinary to the public.  I feel that your assistance will enable me to reach greater numbers of people and that this will help so many be more aware of their own gifts, as well as their eternal nature."   
                                                                                            Susan Apollon,  Matters of the Soul

"It was great fun joining you and other NABE Members at the recent exhibit. Happily, several positive and potentially lucrative relations have resulted from that two day convention." 
                                                                                       Rae Wilder, Longitude & Latitude

"We consider your showing of our books at the NABE Book Showcase to be a success. So far, we've received five solid wholesale contracts and are in the process of securing some large orders. Thanks for the opportunity to let us exhibit our books at such a reasonable rate."  
                                                                                                      M. Waters, Mutual Press

"I have gotten many booksellers to carry my books and important exposure at Book Expo thanks to the services of  N.A.B.E."                      Dan Kennedy, Kennedy Communications

"I just received a call from a gift store in California, whose owner told me that she saw our book at the NABE Book Showcase Exhibit. She proceeded to order every book and label in our line. This one account certainly paid for our exhibit fee, and we expect much repeat business."                                                                   Cheryl Long, Culinary Arts 

  "Just wanted to let you know the Monroe Press, an educational and counseling resource catalog, saw our book at the NABE Book Showcase Exhibit, and decided to place it in their catalog."                                                                  M.Guymon, MoDel Publishers

"Thanks for your efforts in the promoting of my Survival Guides. The first two shows I placed my books brought  an excellent response."    Robert Pelton, Publisher

"In May of 1999 you showed my educational product in California at the IRA convention.
Over a year later it paid off handsomely."      Kathy Libby, Publisher


N.A.B.E. Members

One Book in 1 Showcase:

One Book in 2 Showcases:

One Book in 3 Showcases: 

1 Book in All 4 Exhibits
Only $330.00 

Additional titles in any showcase:
Only $80.00 each per show

$175.00 per book per show

We Also Showcase
Audio & Video Cassettes
Calendars & Datebooks
Posters, Games & Maps
Software, CD-ROMS, CD's & DVDS 

Special Hot Books Prime Feature Section Available

at The California Book Trade Show
Only $50.00 additional

at California Library Assn. Show
Only $50.00 additional

Special Hot Books Section in Above Two Shows;
Only $80.00

Limited Amount of Space In This Section
So Please Sign Up Early
To Reserve Your Spot


When You Sign Up For Three or more Exhibits

Free Audio CD by Al Galasso
"Success Secrets of Independent Publishers" 
Learn How to Sell More Books
at Trade Shows, through Mail Order,
in Special Markets, and More!
You will hear the Marketing Stories of
Independent Publishers And How
They Sold Tens of Thousands
of Books. Boost Your Profits!


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space available in each Show.

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